Rich May has a team of experienced member attorneys, as well as associate attorneys. The firm encourages the continuing legal education of its attorneys. Rich May’s organization is based upon special expertise and in a manner to serve major client groups effectively.

James M. Behnke Photo

James M. Behnke

Of Counsel

Erica P. Bigelow Photo

Erica P. Bigelow

Of Counsel

Thomas H. Bilodeau, III Photo

Thomas H. Bilodeau, III

Managing Director; Shareholder; Investment Management and Private Funds Chair

Nathaniel C. Donoghue Photo
Joseph Dorfler Photo

Joseph Dorfler


James T. Finnigan Photo

James T. Finnigan

Of Counsel

Frank N. Gaeta Photo

Frank N. Gaeta

Shareholder; Employment Law Group Co-Chair

David Glod Photo

David Glod


Jodi K. Hanover Photo

Jodi K. Hanover

Shareholder; Energy, Renewables & Regulated Industries, Co-Chair

James B. Heffernan Photo

James B. Heffernan


J. Allen Holland Photo

J. Allen Holland

Shareholder; Employment Law Group Co-Chair; Litigation Group Co-Chair

Danielle Justo Photo

Danielle Justo

Shareholder; Commercial Real Estate Co-Chair

Stephen M. Kane Photo

Stephen M. Kane

President; Managing Director; Shareholder

Nicolas Andrew Kensington Photo
Eric J. Krathwohl Photo

Eric J. Krathwohl

Managing Director; Shareholder; Energy, Renewables & Regulated Industries, Co-Chair

Mary E. Landergan Photo
Howard L. Levin Photo

Howard L. Levin

Shareholder; Commercial Real Estate Co-Chair

Jeffrey B. Loeb Photo

Jeffrey B. Loeb

Managing Director; Shareholder; Litigation Co-Chair; Real Estate and Title Litigation Chair

Theodore A. Lund Photo

Theodore A. Lund


Emmett E. Lyne Photo

Emmett E. Lyne

Managing Director; Shareholder

Gerald V. May, Jr Photo

Gerald V. May, Jr

Shareholder; Estate Planning Chair

Anthony McGuinness Photo
Michele McMorrow Photo

Michele McMorrow


Mark C. O’Connor Photo

Mark C. O’Connor


Diddia Serrao Sousa Photo

Diddia Serrao Sousa

Senior Paralegal

Kathleen A. Shipp Photo

Kathleen A. Shipp

Legal Administrator

Scott A. Stokes Photo

Scott A. Stokes

Managing Director; Shareholder; Investment Management & Private Funds, Co-Chair

Maria Stracqualursi Photo
Matthew Sweet Photo

Matthew Sweet


Robert P. Tedesco Photo

Robert P. Tedesco

Managing Director; Shareholder; Business, Corporate, and Securities Chair

Arvid von Taube Photo

Arvid von Taube