Finally, we assist with organizing and structuring the exit strategy of a real estate development, whether it be short term or long term.  These services include converting a project into a condominium to allow for the sell out of individual condominium units to preparing leases and stabilizing the project.

We organize the sell out process of condominiums, from reservation forms and working with brokers on offers, to formulating purchase and sale agreement tailormade to the project, to organizing and managing the sale to buyers, their counsel and their lenders.

For apartment or other commercial projects, we draft and prepare the leases and work with construction lenders to refinance projects upon stabilization.  Our services include formulating tailormade leases for the project, negotiating new term loans to refinancing construction debt, and drafting all the documents necessary to restructure the project with investors.

Upon exiting the project, our attorneys assist developers in the overall sale process and advise and assist on 1031 exchanges or other strategies to acquire the next project.

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James M. Behnke

Of Counsel

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Erica P. Bigelow

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James B. Heffernan

Shareholder; Commercial Real Estate Co-Chair

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Danielle Justo

Shareholder; Commercial Real Estate Co-Chair

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Howard L. Levin

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Anthony McGuinness


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