In addition to their role as legal counsel, many Rich May attorneys are active as directors and founders of non-profit organizations.

Our experience and services include:

  • Incorporation under non-profit statutes
  • Preparation and filing with the Internal Revenue Services of applications for exemption on Forms 1023 and 1024
  • Ongoing state and Federal reporting obligations
  • Private foundation vs. public charity determination
  • Governance, compensation and conflicts of interest
  • Relationships with for-profit entities
  • Preparation of donor solicitation materials
Erica P. Bigelow Photo

Erica P. Bigelow

Of Counsel

Atakelti H. Desta Photo

Atakelti H. Desta


Nathaniel C. Donoghue Photo
Jodi K. Hanover Photo

Jodi K. Hanover

Shareholder; Energy, Renewables & Regulated Industries, Co-Chair

James B. Heffernan Photo

James B. Heffernan


Stephen M. Kane Photo

Stephen M. Kane

President; Managing Director; Shareholder

Eric J. Krathwohl Photo

Eric J. Krathwohl

Managing Director; Shareholder; Energy, Renewables & Regulated Industries, Co-Chair

Theodore A. Lund Photo

Theodore A. Lund


Emmett E. Lyne Photo

Emmett E. Lyne

Managing Director; Shareholder

Matthew Sweet Photo

Matthew Sweet


Arvid von Taube Photo

Arvid von Taube