Whether during the acquisition phase or after our clients have acquired the property, our attorneys assist with all aspects of the approval and zoning process.  We primarily focus on zoning analysis and zoning approvals with state and local boards or committees.  Such work including completing the zoning approval applications or appeals, representing clients before zoning boards of appeal or planning boards, and managing the permitting process with local inspectors or departments.

We also work together with all other members of the development team including architects, general contractors, project managers, environmental consultants, civil engineers and other professional involved in the complicated development process.

James M. Behnke Photo

James M. Behnke

Of Counsel

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Erica P. Bigelow

Of Counsel

James B. Heffernan Photo

James B. Heffernan

Shareholder; Commercial Real Estate Co-Chair

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Danielle Justo

Shareholder; Commercial Real Estate Co-Chair

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Howard L. Levin

Of Counsel

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Anthony McGuinness


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Yana Zheng