Technology Companies

Rich May, P.C.’s technology practice includes a range of clients with science and technology focus, the protection and exploitation of intellectual property, and often a capital structure designed for growth using multiple financing rounds and employee equity incentives. These industries include information technology, clean energy, electronic component and network equipment manufacturing, and medical device companies; they range from start-ups to venture-backed and public companies. 

Representative Matters

Representation of high-growth companies and their investors in early-stage and subsequent financings, including preferred stock, convertible debt, secured debt and complex LLC arrangements.

Start-up counseling, including choice of entity, tax planning, preparation and filing of founding documents, inter-founder agreements and vesting arrangements for founders.

Equity-related compensation such as stock options, restricted stock, phantom stock, profits interests and unit appreciation rights.

Contracts and policies to prevent intellectual property infringement and ensure that companies own the intellectual property created by their employees, consultants and other business partners.

Preparation and negotiation of patent and other technology licenses, technology-related services agreements, OEM and value-added reseller agreements, complex distribution arrangements, device and component manufacturing agreements, and other commercial contracts.

Software licenses using perpetual, SaaS, open source, click-through, mobile and other licensing models.

Data protection and privacy policies and website terms of use.

Employment representation, including employee vs. independent contractor analyses and noncompetition, non-solicitation, invention assignment and confidentiality agreements.

Trademark evaluation and management of the application process.

Acquisitions, business combinations and exit strategies.