Rich May client Attestiv, Inc. Announces Product Launch Figure

March 19, 2020  |  Business, Corporate & Securities; Firm News

Rich May client Attestiv, Inc. Announces Product Launch


Congratulations to Rich May client Attestiv Inc., who announced their official product launch yesterday. Attestiv is a digital data validation platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain ledger technology to provide enterprise solutions for Insurance, Internet of Things (IoT), Media and related industries.

“Attestiv represents the new standard for photo and media authentication across many business sectors. Trusted photo and media workflows bring value, integrity, and efficiency to a variety of industries,” said Nicos Vekiarides, co-founder and CEO of Attestiv.

A Rich May team led by Stephen Kane and Arvid von Taube assisted with Attestiv’s latest Series Seed offering which raised over $2 million for the company.

For more information on the Attestiv platform, click here.