Massachusetts Launches Tool to Access Digital Vaccine Card Figure

January 13, 2022  |  COVID-19; Insights

Massachusetts Launches Tool to Access Digital Vaccine Card

By: , Jonathan Loeb

On January 10, 2022, Massachusetts announced a new, free tool for accessing a person’s COVID-19 digital vaccine card and vaccination history. My Vax Records is available to residents who received their COVID vaccinations in Massachusetts.

Health care providers in the Commonwealth are required to report any vaccines they administer to the Massachusetts Immunization Information System (MIIS). My Vax Records works by giving residents access to their own records in the MIIS. Once a resident has accessed the MIIS through My Vax Records, My Vax Records will provide them with a QR code in the form of a SMART Health Card that can be saved onto a person’s phone or printed out. The SMART Health Card can then be used to confirm a resident’s COVID-19 vaccine status by those with a SMART Health Card reader. If a person gets another dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, they will need to download a new SMART Health Card once the MIIS has been updated with the new record.

The SMART Health Card platform is the same platform used by other states for their vaccine verification programs. When those with a SMART Health Card reader scan the QR code, they are given access to the same information on the paper COVID-19 vaccine cards. Specifically, they will have the resident’s name, date of birth, COVID-19 vaccine dates, and the vaccine type administered.

To get your own SMART Health Card, you will need to go to and fill out the online form. You will need to provide your name, either your cell phone number or email address, your birthday, your gender, and a pin you create. The phone number or email address you use must match the phone number or email address associated with your vaccine record. If you use your cell phone number, My Vax Records will send the SMART Health Card directly to your phone via SMS.

Massachusetts is not requiring residents to show proof of vaccination to enter any venue, but some localities, like Boston, Brookline, and Salem, are requiring proof of vaccination to access some venues.

Boston plans to release its own “B Together” app which will provide another avenue for individuals to digitally store their vaccination records, but it is not yet available.