SEC Receives Final Recommendations from Small and Emerging Companies Advisory Committee

By Nathaniel C. Donoghue on September 27, 2017

The SEC's Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies recently issued its final report, providing recommendations on rules, regulations, and policies relating to capital raising, securities trading, public reporting, and corporate governance of small private businesses and publicly traded companies with less than $250 million in public market capitalization.

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SEC Provides First Guidance on Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Initial Coin Offerings

By Matthew Sweet, Thomas Bilodeau, III, David Glod on August 9, 2017

On July 25, the U.S. Securities and Exchanged Commission released a Report that represents the first major injection of regulatory guidance into the burgeoning cryptocurrency markets. This blog will provide a breakdown of the key takeaways from the SEC’s Report and what it means for the cryptocurrency market going forward.

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Proper Attribution and Retaining Rights in Creative Commons Licenses: Potential copyright pitfalls when creating or using material under a Creative Commons license

By Nathaniel C. Donoghue on July 24, 2017

Since 2002, Creative Commons has published and maintained a selection of free-to-use copyright licenses. The concept is part of the broader open-source movement which has pushed back against traditional copyright laws. Though popular and successful, these licenses provide both creators and consumers deceptively broad latitude, unintentionally creating potential copyright pitfalls.

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SJC Ruling Opens the Door for Medical Marijuana Employment Discrimination Claims

By J. Allen Holland, James T. Finnigan, Frank N. Gaeta and Nathaniel C. Donoghue on July 18, 2017

On July 17, 2017, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court held in the case Barbuto v. Advantage Sales and Marketing, LLC that a qualifying patient who has been terminated from her employment because she tested positive for marijuana as a result of her use of medically prescribed marijuana may pursue a claim of handicap discrimination in violation of the Massachusetts anti-discrimination statute.

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Additional Guidance on Fiduciary Rule as it Applies to Investment Advisers

By Thomas H. Bilodeau, III, David Glod and Scott A. Stokes on June 7, 2017

In light of some uncertainty surrounding the application of the Department of Labor (“DOL”) Fiduciary Rule to investment advisers who advise private funds and managed accounts, we are providing this supplement to our recent Client Alert on June 2, 2017 titled Update on Applicability of the DOL’s Fiduciary Rule.

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